Monday, 17 October 2011

Random Top Tips

A friend of mine has recently found out she's pregnant and called me for advice. She clearly knows me really well as I love an advisory role and I seem to talk about pregnancy all the time. When it comes to giving tips though people tend to assume that because I was trying to get pregnant, being pregnant or recovering from being pregnant FOREVER that I know all the answers. Granted, I read a lot of books, blogs and websites on the subject, but can't really remember any of the advice therein. The bits and pieces that have stayed with me, in no particular order, are below:

- ginger biscuits are good for morning sickness. Eat one before you get out of bed to prevent the attractive gagging on a toothbrush start to the day 

- elevate your feet whenever you can as this increases blood flow to the placenta (urgh) and makes your baby happy (I made that last bit up). Also essential near the end for swollen feet

- if morning sickness is happening in the evening try to have a decent lunch so that you can just pick at toast or whatever in the evening

- use Bio-oil from the beginning. Don't do what I did and gloat about having no stretch marks until they suddenly explode like angry red fireworks. Uncomfortable does not begin to cover it

- don't worry if you don't understand the scans. Not being able to see what the sonographer is seeing does not make you a bad mother. Ask questions

- check the weather forcast before you leave the house in the morning to prevent unfortunate outfit choices/foot swelling situations. Also check your hemline if you are wearing non-maternity clothes; as your tummy grows your hem moves up. Another unfortunate look curtesy of yours truly

- childbirth is horrible. Mums who tell you it was the most amazing experience are lying, or stupid, or both

- get in to a routine with the baby as soon as possible. If this means waking them up to feed them, do it. You can do what you like; you're their mum

-  leave the house with the baby every day, even if it's to go and buy a stamp that you don't really need. Fresh air will make you feel better, more healthy and like you have achieved something

- if you want the baby to sleep in a separate room that's fine. Don't be bullied into sharing a room by the helpful literature that tells you it prevents cot death (I don't see how anyway) - if you sleep better without them there ship 'em out

- have an epidural

Gosh. I really do like giving advice!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Amongst the many, many (many) comments I get about having twins, one of the most common is something along the lines of "I don't know how you do it". I suppose this blog is an attempt at answering that question as I always struggle to come up with a snappy response. This is usually due to the fact that the moments people choose to talk to me are often when I'm forcing one unbendable baby into the pushchair, while the other's screaming hits levels only a dog can hear, and someone else's toddler pulls tampons out of my changing bag.

I've tried giving a genuine response - something about the importance of establishing a routine, feeding simultaneously, accepting help - but if I don't want to get embroiled in a conversation with a complete stranger in the parents' room at John Lewis I need to come up with a good one-liner that says "yes, it's really hard, but I want you to think that I'm coping marvellously... and have nice hair". So I've started just smiling in a knowing fashion and saying sweetly "I don't know what you mean", which usually gets a polite laugh, but which is more than a little smug.

So I've decided to write about it all... and maybe put print-outs up on the wall in John Lewis.