Thursday, 1 December 2011

Getting Ready: Part 2 - pushchair


Deciding on your pushchair is probably going to be the biggest decision you make before the babies are born (OK, maybe not the biggest but certainly the one you will spend the most time on). Couples stop and ask me about my pushchair quite often and this is a really good approach. If you see an impressive pushchair when you are out and about go over and ask about it. By and large Mums are quite proud of their double buggies will give you a thorough demonstration right there on the pavement outside Mothercare. It might even be one that you have been looking at online but can’t find in a store nearby. I found this the most frustrating part of deciding on my double pushchair: shops just don’t have them in stock for you to try out, so you end up going to loads of different places to see one pushchair at each. Research as much as you can online and read review boards on websites such as to see what real mums think about them. Things to consider:
-          Do you want a side-by-side or a tandem (one in front of the other)?
-          Do you want to be able to clip the car seats to the pushchair?
-          How easy is it to manoeuvre? Try it with weight in it in the shop if possible.
-          Will you be going out in the car or using public transport?
-          Will you be using it indoors for the babies’ naps? If so, does it fit?
-          Do you want one that lasts until they don’t need a pushchair anymore or are you happy to replace it?
I don’t believe there is a perfect double pushchair out there, but you will find one that works for you and your babies.
If you are having babies in the winter and don’t want to become housebound, rocking in a dark corner, I suggest you buy a pushchair/pram whatsit with carrycots . My carrycots were used without the hoods and aprons in the house for the babies to sleep in until they went into the cots in their room (so no need for Moses baskets), and I used them on the pushchair for lots of brisk walks up until the babies were about 4 months old. In really cold weather I would put mine in vests, babygros, cardigans, snowsuits and blankets then lay them in the carrycot with a sheepskin under them. These walks were a key part of getting out and about in the early days with new mum friends. With the babies all wrapped up in snow suits and blankets, an icy wind in your face and a new pal to moan to you can while away a whole morning and end up tucked up in a cafe with a hot chocolate.

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