Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Things I never thought I'd say

Here's a list of ridiculous things myself and my husband have said over the last 2 years, or heard others say to their children, or things I imagine have been said by a mum at some point. Please do add your own gems in the comments box!

  • (Me to my twins) "Stop working as a team!"
  • (Overheard in a supermarket) "If you don't stop it, it's chicken and pesto!"
  • "No thank you, I don't need any help... but could you just tuck that teddy/changing mat/dirty nappy under my chin?"
  • "What is it? A bogey? Just wipe it on mummy's skirt, darling"
  • (Me to my son) "If you headbutt me again you're going on the step". Like one headbutt is acceptable??!
  • (Me to my husband) "What do you mean 'is it clean?', I have no idea! Sniff it!"
  • "Is that chocolate, or poo?"
  • (Me to my son, again) "Stop headbutting the floor"
  • "Oh look: you're naked!"
  • "Oh good: you've both got your socks on your hands now"
  • (A mum in a playground to her child on top of the climbing frame) "If you don't get down right now, Christmas is cancelled!"
  • (My husband to our son) "How clever; you've taken your nappy off. Again."
  • (My husband to me at 6am) "We've had a lie-in!"
  • (Me to a total stranger in Starbucks) "Excuse me, could you just hold this for me?" *hands stranger a baby*
  • (Fellow twin mum after hers had both sat in a puddle) "Right, well you're going home naked then"
  • (My husband through sleep-deprived bleary eyes) "I just can't imagine them being awake and not crying"
  • (Me whilst changing a dirty nappy and trying to hold the other twin back from crawling into it) "Your brother's poo is not a toy"

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  1. Thank you that's cheered me up! Wish I could remember some of my many. Lovely to share the ridiculousness of it all.

    oh yes... "no your sister's wand is not for, mix mix mixing poo in the loo with" !!

    at a friends wedding, in too loud a voice, "aha! There it is - the pea that's been stuck up Sammy's nose since this morning!".