Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Before I had twins I had never...

  1. boiled a cauliflower before 7am
  2. microwaved a cup of tea
  3. asked myself "chocolate or poo?"
  4. been too tired to cry
  5. gone days without looking in a mirror
  6. appreciated how tricky it is for wheelchair users to get around
  7. noticed the voice in the lift (too loud!)
  8. used smell to assess cleanliness
  9. done so much washing
  10. viewed going to the supermarket as an outing
  11. considered a shower a treat
  12. been woken up at 6:30am and felt like I'd had a lie-in
  13. boiled so many kettles
  14. realised how little sleep you need for survival
  15. moved so quickly to answer a ringing phone/doorbell
  16. appreciated my freezer, microwave and husband
  17. felt like I was part of a club
  18. had so many conversations with random people
  19. walked into a room and had children come running for a hug
  20. realised the simple genuis of the baby wipe
...but now I have! Along with so many other things that I won't bore you with. I suppose it goes to show that having babies make changes to many aspects of your life; it's not just the childcare bit, it's the life stuff as well. Some of it is tough, some is so mundane it makes you want to cry from boredom, but some is bloody wonderful.

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