Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Diary of an insane mother

My diary entry for this day last year reads:

"Twin 1 - 02:30 3oz, 07:00 3oz, 10:15 4oz, 14:15 4.5oz, 18:30 4oz, 22:20 2oz. Total: 20.5oz
Twin 2 - 02:30 3.5oz, 06:45 5oz, 10:30 3.5oz, 14:15 6oz, 18:30 4.5oz, 22:20 4oz. Total: 26.5oz

Powercut 02:10-11:10"


I started writing down their feeds when they were about 7 weeks old and we had shipped them out of our room into their cots. I suppose I did it to track their milk consumption as I was obsessed with getting them to sleep through the night. The geek in me also really liked marking each feed down in a neat column; it felt a bit like I was doing something official! Like the health visitor was going to come round and ask to see my little diary!

Nowadays this diary is a relic of a life that once was. I enjoy looking at it and reading entries (I started adding a few more details eventually) as it reminds me how far we have come since the early days. I honestly don't remember writing half of it. Some entries make me howl with laughter, while others make me feel a bit sick. A selection is below:

Saturday 26th January
Both awake at 04:50 - girl just for dummy, boy wet and then weed all over his cot when I changed him - nightmare! Boy awake again at 06:15, girl slept until 07:50! Unbelieveable! Quite sniffly, coughing and very sleepy all day. Boy had been in 3 babygros by midday.

Tuesday 1st March
Babies awake 02:30, 04:30, then from 05:30. Fed boy 3.5oz, then fed girl, then tried to finish boy's feed but he only had a total of 4oz. Next feed was better. Went to Bluewater. Girl cut her mouth (how?!). Met a nice lady in John Lewis parents' room with a 10 week old boy. Crying more than mine - result! V. difficult 18:00 feed - all of us in tears. Went to bed at 20:30.

Sunday 3rd April
Not a peep all night until 06:30! Lovely night's sleep and lie-in. Out for a walk and lunch - both slept 2 hours at lunchtime. Played all afternoon, both responding to their names, had a go in the door bouncer. Bath, easy feed, bed.

Wednesday 27th April
Girl awake 03:30ish - went in 3 times, then she slept until 06:40. Boy awake at 05:00 - tucked him back in and he slept until 07:45. Boy wouldn't have breakfast feed, girl cried all morning. Went shopping for more vests. Horrible 14:30 feed, got very upset. Watched a programme about multiples and felt a lot better! At least I don't have quads! Boy giggled when I laughed. Bed and bath OK. Night feed seemed to take forever.

Tuesday 10th May
Awake from 05:20 to 06:00 but kept settling them down again. Went back to sleep until 07:45! Met friends for a walk around the lake. Their twins screamed the whole time. Apparently they are sleeping 7pm-5am. Good for them. Very hot and caught the sun. Babies munched on apricots.

Tuesday 7th June
Slept through from 7pm-7:40am! Made them chicken puree for lunch. Girl is rocking on hands and knees - looks ready to crawl. Boy dragging himself everwhere on his belly. Tea quite unsuccessful (pasta) but noone pooed in the bath! Boy was sick everywhere before bed so had to change him. Girl fast asleep.

I stopped keeping the diary when the twins were around 8 months old and I foolishly thought I had it all figured out. Maybe it's time to start writing it again...!

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